Mordred the Maji & Morgana Le Fay


Mordred & Morgana


Mordred & Morgana are available for private events and Renaissance Faires
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Mordred is a wizard, a sorcerer and a Magician of a time long ago.

Back story on Mordred

His mother Morgana Le Fay is also a very power sorceress . With a lot of magic she stole from Merlin.

Mordred was Arthur’s son-nephew by Morgana..Many years passed, and the King and Queen lived happily together. Under the King’s wise leadership, Camelot prospered, and her people were happy.

One day, four strangers came to the gates of Arthur’s castle. Standing on the parapets with Merlin, he looked down at them. There were three women and a boy of about fourteen.

“Who are they?” asked Arthur.

“The women are your half sisters by your father, Uther Pendragon,” Merlin told him. “Two of them have come to make their peace with you. But the third, Morgana le Fay, is evil. She seeks your downfall. I hoped never to see her in Camelot.”

Then Arthur looked at the boy. “Who is he?” he asked.

“You don’t want to know,” Merlin warned. But Arthur insisted.

“He is your son by your half sister, Morgana. She was the woman who came to you that night. It was Morgana le Fay who planned his conception with magic. She will use him against you. He will betray you.”

And in the end he did!

Who is he today?.. Philip Kampf created the character in the late 90’s for Astro Worlds Fright Fest. Performing magic he created for Mordred. Now Mordred the Maji performs at Renaissance Festivals..Look for him when you go.

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