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Package A

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BD006Performed with my lovely assistant Lindsey Olson, package A is a 55-60 minute show of music, magic, illusions and comedy.  We arrive at the party location one hour before the party starts to transform your room into a theatrical setting that includes, backdrop,sound system and, of course, all the magic props.  The show will start 30 minutes after your party begins.  The first 12 minutes is performed to dynamic and exciting music (a very European style of magic).  A lot of colorful visual magic is happening which leads to live white doves appearing out of thin air and then placed in a cage beside me.  For the finale, all the doves that are in the cage, I cover the cage up with a cloth, lift the cage from the table and toss the cloth into the air and right if front of your eyes, well I don’t want to give the surprise ending away!  The show continues with spellbinding interactive comedy magic with lots of audience participation.  If this is a Birthday Party, the birthday child will be the first called up on stage to help me with a magic rick that is first done by me, then he or she, their magical debut.  I make a big production of featuring your child as the “Star” of the show! After this there’s more fun and comedy magic.
Package B
20121208_14300420_Improv-Magic_D7K_0293_wm_8272516940_oThis is the middle part of the big show. The fun interactive/audience participation comedy magic. Performed by myself.. no music or animals but still tons of spellbinding magic!! Show duration is 40-45 minutes. 
Package C
Close-up or slight-of-hand magic is a great style of magic for kids (9 and up).  This is card, coin, and magic using everyday  small objects performed right under your nose.. Everyone sits around a small table that I bring and the magic begins. Lots of fun, comedy, and participation. This show runs about 30 minutes.

All shows must be performed indoors in an air-conditioned room.

 Your child will remember this party for the rest of their life!

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